About Glacier Restaurant Group

Headquartered in Whitefish, MT. Glacier Restaurant Group was formed in 2007 when four unique restaurant concepts merged; resulting in the largest restaurant company based in Montana. Strong brand loyalty and a successful business model provides us with a tremendous opportunity for growth, both through franchising and corporate expansion. With over 600 employees throughout our company, we pride ourselves on not only providing unique and memorable experiences for our patrons at all of our restaurants but also to continually provide that same respect for our employees and franchisees. The GRG culture is one of high energy, vibrancy and excitement.

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Check out the CM Brands website to see if franchising with us makes sense for you. We'd love you to join our team!

Corporate Logins

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Our Team

Brad Ridgeway, President
P: 406-863-3872 | E: ridge@grgfood.com
Will Hagin, Executive Vice President / General Counsel
P: 406-863-3864 | E: whagin@grgfood.com
Kristin Bodeen, Controller
P: 406-863-2062 | E: kristin@grgfood.com
Brad Townsend, Director of Franchising / Chain Supply
P: 406-863-3873 | E: bradtownsend@grgfood.com
Ryan Fuller, Director of Operations, MacKenzie River Pizza
P: 406-862-5245 | E: ryan@grgfood.com
Brian Lind, Regional Manager
P: 406-863-3874 | E: brian@grgfood.com
Devin Cassan, Regional Manager
P: 406-862-5245 | E: devin@grgfood.com
Cory Utterback, Director of Human Resources
P: 406-863-3871 | E: cory@grgfood.com
Erica Terrell, Director of Marketing
P: 406-863-3885 | E: erica@grgfood.com
Dave Turk, Director of Information Technology
P: 406-863-4470 | E: dave@grgfood.com
Nina Stefani, HR Generalist
P: 406-863-3868 | E: nina@grgfood.com
Melissa Schara, Assistant Controller
P: 406-863-2064 | E: melissa@grgfood.com
Brittney Gietzen, Payroll Accountant
P: 406-863-3888 | E: brittney@grgfood.com
Ashley Lohr, AP Accountant
P: 406-863-3051 | E: ashley@grgfood.com