Strong brand loyalty and a successful business model optimizes us for growth through franchising and corporate expansion. With over 2000 employees, the GRG culture is one of high energy, vibrancy and excitement. We foster an inspiring work environment and invest in our employees, franchisees and the local communities served. The GRG central office performs company-wide operational and administrative functions such as accounting, payroll, human resources, marketing and brand management.

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Brad Ridgeway, President
William C. Hagin, Executive VP & General Council
Ryan Fuller, Chief Operating Officer
Brad Townsend, VP of Supply Chain & Project Management
James Blystone, VP of Marketing & Communication
Kristin Bodeen, Controller, GRG
Kary Feeley, Controller, M&E
Cory Utterback, Senior Director of Human Resources
Nina Stefani, Director of Human Resources, M&E
Erica Terrell, Director of Marketing
Brigetta Schwaiger, Director of Marketing
Dave Turk, Director of Information Technology
Perry Nelson, System Administrator
Brian Lind, Culinary & Regional Manager
Larry Geller, Culinary Supervisor, M&E

Kevin O’Meara, Director of Operations
Devin Cassan, Regional Manager
Theodore Hill, Regional Manager
Steve Sprowl, Regional Manager
Amy Jenkins, Regional Manager
Clare Goble, Director of Training & Development, GRG
Susan Czuprynski, Director of Training & Development, M&E
Candice Klobuchar, Training & Development Coordinator
Melissa Schara, Assistant Controller
Ashley Lohr, Supply Chain Assistant
Brittney Gietzen, Payroll Accountant
Lorely Lavilla, Payroll Accountant, M&E
Kristin Downing, Accounts Payable
John Lewis, Accounts Payable, M&E
Jessica Tucker, Executive & Admin Assistant

We are sincerely and particularly passionate about creating an enjoyable work environment for our employees and partners.  We thoughtfully pursue a quality of life approach to running restaurants and believe that if our staff and partners truly enjoy their work environment it will directly translate into their increased ability and desire to take care of our customers.

Brad Ridgeway

President, Glacier Restaurant Group


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