GRG – R.I.S.E. (Restaurant Industry Scholarship Endowment) awarded two $2,500 and two $1,000 scholarships to current, eligible employees or to a child or legal dependent of a current employee. Here are this year’s GRG R.I.S.E recipients…

This scholarship means that I am one step closer to achieving my long term goal of learning about and finding solutions to environmental issues. The scholarship will be used to ease the financial burden of continuing my college education at Princeton University. 

Barrett Gray

This scholarship means so much to me and my family. It has always been my dream to be in our nation’s capital helping to better understand international conflicts and how we can build towards negotiating peace. The GRG R.I.S.E. Scholarship gives me the ability to take on valuable internships, research experience, and study abroad opportunities relevant to my studies. With the help of the GRG R.I.S.E. Scholarship, I can put all my focus and energy into furthering my education and setting out a path for myself to achieve my goals. Thank you Glacier Restaurant Group for recognizing my passion and drive, and helping me to pursue higher education and make my dreams a reality. 

Nicole Sharkey

Because of GRG R.I.S.E. I am now better able to implement STEM Education throughout schools in Erie county during field work and student teaching.  This scholarship will be used to purchase authentic and engaging materials that I will use as an aspiring future educator.

Julia Schmidt

A little help goes a long way, and every bit of help contributes to making my dreams as a future surgical team member a reality. I am incredibly thankful to receive the GRG – R.I.S.E scholarship as I continue my education in the Surgical Technology program at Missoula College through the University of Montana as a second-year student this upcoming fall. This financial help will be utilized for tuition as I moved from Washington to Montana at the end of January specifically for the Surgical Technology program and will be paying out of state tuition this next year. I greatly appreciate receiving this GRG scholarship for my final year of college, and I intend to perform my very best during clinicals in the 125 surgeries I will be participating in before graduation in May 2019.

Danielle "Petey" Pace


Glacier Restaurant Group (GRG) formed in 2007, resulting in the largest Montana-based restaurant company. GRG’s portfolio of high quality restaurants concepts, while different in design, ambiance and offerings, all share the common commitment to provide distinctive and memorable dining experiences for guests. Concepts located across the United States include MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub, Max & Erma’s, Ciao Mambo, Craggy Range Bar & Grill, Latitude 48, Chalkboard and The Brass Rabbit . Strong brand loyalty and a successful business model optimizes us for growth through franchising and corporate expansion. With over 2,500 employees, the GRG culture is one of high energy, vibrancy and excitement. We foster an inspiring work environment and invest in our employees, franchisees and the local communities served. The GRG central office performs company-wide operational and administrative functions such as accounting, payroll, human resources, marketing and brand management.


It would be exceptionally tedious if GRG’s existence solely revolved around providing our valued customers a great dining experience. While that is certainly where our passion lies, and we absolutely do enjoy supplying our guests with first-rate food and superior service —we are equally determined to be an active and contributing member to the communities that have embraced our restaurants. We are sincerely committed to seeking and securing continued partnerships with organizations that share our community-centered values.

Round It Up America

Founded by leaders in the restaurant industry, Round It Up America® (RIUA) is a non-profit organization that strives to make change across America through a simple, yet powerful charitable giving program. When closing your credit card bill at many of our GRG restaurants guests can simply round up to the nearest dollar or write in any donation amount to easily make a donation to these deserving charities.

  • No Kid Hungry: No child should grow up hungry in America, but one in five children struggles with hunger. Share Our Strength’s campaign is ending child hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day.
  • Prostart: A nationwide, two-year high school program that unites the classroom and industry to develop the best and brightest talent into tomorrow’s restaurant leaders.
  • GRG R.I.S.E: The GRG R.I.S.E. (restaurant industry scholarship endowment) program assists employees with their next step in higher education. Whether their journey continues in the restaurant industry or leads to a new career, scholarships will contribute to their betterment.


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