What is the initial Franchisee fee?
Our standard initial franchisee fee to develop one restaurant is $45,000 for a 10-year term of the franchise agreement. If qualified, you may renew for another term. If you sign our development rider and commit to develop at least two restaurants in a designated area you pay $45,000 for the first restaurant and $36,000 for each additional restaurant to be developed.

What is the current royalty fee?
It is 5% of gross sales.

How much cash do I need?
You will need a minimum of $350,000 in liquid assets to qualify for a franchise.

Do I have to buy my equipment and food ingredients from GRG?
You will not purchase equipment or food directly from us; but we will guide you through the ordering process. All equipment and food ingredients will be purchased though our approved vendors and distributors based on specifications we provide.  Having the proper equipment and specified food ingredients is critical to success.

Will I have territorial protection?
Once your site is selected and approved by us you will have territorial protection within the Designated Area for so long as you are not in breach of the Franchise Agreement.

Who is responsible for marketing?
Building brand awareness is a cooperative effort between the franchisees and GRG as this benefits everyone. Currently franchisees are required to spend at least 1 percent of their gross sales during each calendar year on advertising and promotional activities in their local market.  In addition, franchisee shall initially contribute one half of one percent (0.5%) of weekly gross sales to the “National Advertising Fund”.  This “National Advertising Fund” will be utilized exclusively for the development, production, and distribution of advertising and promotional material which drives Brand awareness for MacKenzie River Pizza.  The marketing team at the GRG support center is always available to assist with regional or local marketing needs you may have as a franchisee.

Do I receive training?
We customize the training program specific to your needs. We have a state of the art training facility at our support center, access to company-owned training restaurants, and can also train at your location.  Classroom instructional materials are provided by us and include printed information, in person instruction, and written guidelines on the classroom training topics.   The training materials also include sample completed forms, scenarios, written quizzes, and discussion topics.  Both the classroom and on-the-job training incorporates other materials that are provided by us, including but not limited to the Operations Manuals.

Do I receive assistance opening my MacKenzie River Restaurant?
We will have a MacKenzie River Pizza opening team travel to your restaurant and work with you for your restaurant opening. As a new operator, you will receive support from the GRG team to ensure opening your restaurant is as seamless as possible.

How much money can I make?
Federal and state laws prevent us from suggesting how much money you can earn from operating a MacKenzie River Pizza restaurant. The amount of income you make will depend on many factors, including the location of your restaurant, how you manage your restaurant, execute operations and control variable costs.